ClearLine CAD Online Editor

Free online editor without registration to create measurement drawings.

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About the editor

  • This is an online editor for creating measurement drawings of rooms, apartments, houses and other premises for interior design and construction work, available on a smartphone.

  • The editor saves the drawing to a .dxf file, which allows further work in AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Revit and other professional software.

  • In the editor, you can only draw rooms with right angles; for drawing rooms with complex shapes, use professional software.

  • Before creating a drawing, calculate the dimensions of the walls, walls, door and window openings of the room so that the drawing converges and closes the perimeter of the room into a single contour. When calculating, try not to change the lengths of short walls and ledges, adjust large segments.

  • How to use the editor

  • Measure the room, we need:

    • - height and width of doorways and windows
    • - dimensions from the corners of rooms to door and window openings
    • - total lengths of each of the four walls in the room
    • - location of the vent. boxes, heating radiators, risers
  • Calculate the dimensions of the room in such a way as to close the perimeter of the drawing into a single contour

  • Draw each room in turn, start with the hallway, make sure you close the perimeter and the drawing converges

  • Select the tools on the panel and add windows, doors, radiators, hoods to the drawing.

  • Add an interior door and start drawing the next room.